Stretch marks and scars
Stretch marks and scars
Tratamiento de cicatrices y estrías con Stretch marks and scars

Treatment of scars and stretch marks with Stretch marks and scars

Radioage Stretch marks and scars is the treatment for stretch marks and scars that manages to restructure and regenerate scar tissue optimally with radiofrequency and multipolar and multidirectional microneedling.

Three steps in a session to treat flaccidity in face and body: microneedling of 14. radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

Scars are marks that remain after the healing of a wound or injury. In some cases they may leave functional alterations, depending on the severity of the wound.
Stretch marks are atrophic lesions of the skin in a linear and whitish pearly color. When the stretch marks are young they tend to be violet red. They are scars of the connective tissue of the dermis.

With the treatment Radioage Stretch marks and scars manages to reduce with good results the stretch marks and scars on your skin.

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